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Let’s be honest. Most hotel loyalty reward programs are not very attainable. They lack “immediacy”. You generally have to travel 15-25 days/year to get a free night.
Not many people we know do that. All this, for a ‘vanilla-brand’ hotel experience?
What about a rewards program, that gave you awesome credits + cash deals?…that you could actually use after just one stay ?
With Indykey, you receive $100 in vacation credits just for joining.
Welcome to IndyKey. 

Earn from 4% to 20% Back

Book With IndyKey. Get Rewarded.

We think we’ve put together a program that is the most rewarding hotel, resort and vacation rental loyalty program – anywhere. With over 250,000 places to earn, there’s something for everyone. Earn 4% at Brand or Chain Hotels, 8% at any Independent Hotel and a whopping 20% back in Travel Credits at IndyKey Preferred Hotels & Resort Partners.




Any Brand - Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, IHG

Best Rate Guarantee




Book any Independent & Earn 8%

Best Rate Guarantee




Book IndyKey Preferred Hotels 20% 

Best Rate Guarantee

Redeem Save up to 60%

Cash + Credits Deals

Most hotel points programs you have to spend 15-25 nights to earn a meaningful reward. With IndyKey, you get valuable rewards you can use – simply by joining. 
We’ve got a few options for redeeming your travel credits now. We’re building the interface so that soon you will have thousands of places to use your credits, in over 100 countries around the world. Stay tuned!

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IndyKey?

    IndyKey is for leisure and business travellers that love getting deals, earning rewards & perks. We’ve got over 250,000 Hotels, Resorts & Vacation Rentals where you can earn rewards!

    You earn Travel Credits that you are able to use to help “buy down” the price of a hotel, resort or vacation rental.

  • How do I use Credits + Cash to book?

    Simply go to our members only Redeem Page and request from there. Our Travel Credits + Cash hotel & resort deals are for our members exclusively. Join for free. Get $100 in Travel Credits.

  • How Many Travel Credits do I earn for every dollar I spend?

    You will earn 4% at Brand and Chain hotels, 8% at Independents, and 20% in Travel Credits back when you book IndyKey Preferred Hotel or Resort Partners. So, if you spent $1,000 at Brand hotel you would earn $40 in Travel Credits. If you spend $1,000 at a Independent you’ll receive $80 in Travel Credits.

    Book and spend $1,000 at an IndyKey preferred Hotel or Resort Partner, you’ll receive $200 in your Travel Credits account!  You are able to earn points on the entire folio amount, including applicable taxes. Rounded, to the nearest dollar. Earning points on the tax? Yes it’s true;-)

  • How do Points convert to Credits?

    IndyKey Points convert to credits at 0.01 so 1,000 points translates to $10 in IndyKey Credits and 10,000 points translate to $100 in IndyKey Credits and so on.

    For further example:

    • 7,472 IndyKey Points, this would equal $74.72 in IndyKey Travel Credits.
    • 87,000 IndyKey Points convert to $870 in IndyKey Travel Credits
    • 132,000 IndyKey Points conver to $1,320 IndyKey Travel Credits

    Our IndyKey Travel Credits are exclusively Redeemable for discount accommodations via our website, but have no cash redeemable value otherwise!

  • Is an IndyKey Credit Based on the USD? UK Pound? Euro? or the Canadian Dollar?

    IndyKey “points / credits are awarded on par & equal with one US dollar or Canadian Dollar. Why US dollars? Well, we are using the US dollar as a baseline, and good news for Canadians, we’ve made our points, and credits on par with the USD.

    So, when our members book from the UK, Europe or other currency, you will be awarded rewards converted as if you booked & spent in USD.

    For example:

    UK resident spends 100 GBP on accommodations. The conversion was say 1.39 GBP to USD so, if the UK resident booked an IndyKey Preferred or Partner Hotel, they would receive:

    • 20 points per dollar spent (8 at other independents & 4 at brands)
    • 100 GBP x 1.39 = 139 in USD
    • 20 points per dollar x 139=2,780 IndyKey Reward Points worth $27.80 or 20% of the value of their booking.
  • I live abroad. Should I still enroll?

    Absolutely!  We have over 250,000 places you can book & earn, and although right now we only have a few places to redeem currently, we will soon have thousands around the world in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America. Why not start accumulating Travel Credits now?

  • What kind of Cash + Credits deals does IndyKey feature?

    To Redeem our Cash + Travel Credits Deals, visit our “Redeem” page and they are featured there. Currently there are only a few deals, but we are busy building the interface to feature thousands of hotels & resorts for you to redeem at.

  • What is my account number?

    Your account number is the email address that you used to register on IndyKey with. Fear not, you can always change your email address when you are logged in by going to your account. 

  • Can I earn free nights through IndyKey?

    Free nights are not a feature of IndyKey.  However, our cash + travel credits deals offer compelling value. We’ve got thousands more deals coming, and we think they are more valuable and accessible than the amount of stays it takes to earn a free night from most other loyalty reward programs.

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