IndyKey is innovative turn-key Hotel Loyalty Software and System for Independent Hotels & Resorts. We make it incredibly easy to reward your guests, creating loyalty, driving repeat visits, higher occupancy, and direct bookings.

Let’s be honest. Most hotel loyalty programs are not compelling. At least not for the average traveller or family.  Who travels 25+ days a year in the same brand of hotels? About 2% of the population.
With this in mind, IndyKey has created a unique loyalty program which provides meaningful, relevant hotel rewards that are valuable for “road warriors” and the other 98% of us. How? Our ‘secret sauce’ uses an alternative approach to help you surprise & delight your guests.

We’re On A Mission.

We’re on a mission to give Independent Hoteliers and Resort Operators powerful tools like the ‘Brands’ have, without the hassle or expense.

Loyalty. Get Them coming back 50% more often

Loyalty programs drive direct bookings. We give you the tools to create value added offers to drive more guest visits. Increase direct bookings, guest satisfaction, profit and have more fun doing it.

Why Guest Loyalty?

The OTAs have loyalty programs. So do the ‘chains’. Because they work.

  • The OTAs are spending billions on marketing to your guests and trying to lure them to be OTA loyal.
  • Guests that are members of hotel loyalty programs come back 50% more often. (1)
  • A 5% increase in Loyalty results in 25 – 95% more profit (2) 
  • IndyKey provides the framework and does all the administration to issue & redeem loyalty rewards to your guests.

The Loyalty Interface & Infrastructure You Need

We provide the interface for guests to access their loyalty accounts
and help you surprise, delight and personalize your guest’s stays.

Mobile Optimized For Easy Guest Access

Our mobile web based program is optimized so that your guests are able to access
their profile and the loyalty program anywhere there is internet access.


  • Advanced mobile responsive design
  • Web based, no need to download an app
  • Able to login with email or favourite social network
  • Designed to get more direct bookings for your hotel


Marketing your hotel or Resort

We amplify your marketing

We provide tools to enhance your marketing offers

  • We provide a growing network of hotels & resorts that benefit from cross marketing.
  • We market your hotel on social media channels, boosting your presence.
  • We have members of the public sign up every day. We invite them to book direct and earn rewards at your hotel.


Social Media Booster

An Extra Layer of Marketing

  • We create custom posts to drive traffic to your brand
  • We retweet your content, to drive traffic to your website
  • Geo-targeted to ensure relevance for your hotel or resort

We Bring You More Guests

Drive Direct Bookings

  • Have your Hotel featured in the IndyKey member email campaigns
  • An extra channel, that drives direct bookings
  • Feature gated offers to a loyal member group without parity issues
  • We have new members every day. Introduce them to your Hotel or Resort.

E-news Builder

Grow Your Most Powerful Channel

  • We create compelling promotional campaigns that build your email list
  • Expect anywhere from 500 to 1,000 new E-news guests each time we run a promotion
  • We take care of everything, simple and hassle free


More Direct Bookings. Less OTA Commissions.

The average 100 unit Hotel pays $227,000 in OTA fees per year. We think that’s too much.

IndyKey Hotel affiliates benefit From IndyKey’s partnership with a prominent rate comparison tool company. Compare your Hotel’s direct booking price with the OTAs in real time.  Use IndyKey loyalty rewards and value added perks to increase direct booking conversion. Get this tool at a preferred rate as an IndyKey partner.

Increase Direct Bookings by up to 60%

  • Direct is your lowest cost channel & keeps guest loyal to your brand
  •  65% of Travelers think the best price is with the OTAs
  • Use IndyKey Rewards as an incentive to increase direct bookings
  • Monitor and prevent the OTAs and other channels from undercutting your direct rate


Annual commission saved by reducing OTA share by 10%

(Calculated based on 100 rooms at $150 ADR & 70% annual occupancy, and an average of 20% OTA commission)

43.5 Million Reservations

Tell a Compelling Story

Siteminder analyzed 43.5 million reservations and found that OTA bookings generated only 57% of the value of direct bookings. Direct bookings yielded $600 per reservation compared to OTAs at $340 per reservation.
So, not only do OTAs charge a 15 – 30% commission, but they also provide a lower average reservation value.

Direct = $600 / Reservation

Direct Bookings


OTAs = $340 / Reservation

OTA Bookings


Try IndyKey for Free

$249 /mo
For Hotels & Resorts less than 50 rooms
Turn-key self admin loyalty program
New stream of loyal guests
Tools to get repeat guests coming back 50% more often
Featured in iK member marketing
Social media booster
$499 /mo
For Hotels & Resorts up to 100 rooms
Full service loyalty program
New stream of loyal guests
Tools to get repeat guests coming back 50% more often
Featured in iK member marketing
Social media booster
$999 /mo
For Hotels & Resorts up to 200 rooms
Full service loyalty program
New stream of loyal guests
Tools to get repeat guests coming back 50% more often
Featured in iK member marketing
Social media booster

All Our Plans Include

Administration & support

Service recovery rewards

Employee rewards accounts

Issue rewards on Spa, F&B

Free to issue reward points

Issue rewards to unlimited guests

Flexible redemption model

 One inclusive monthly fee

All product upgrades & improvements

SSL security & encrypted data transfer

Training for GSA’s and Mgmt

Zero commission bookings

Here’s what Your Hotel Receives

We build an exclusive listing for your hotel category/class/region on

Marketing for your hotel via social media & our significant email subscriber channels.

Try our turn-key, hassle free, loyalty program for free.

Secure your category/class/region for the fully managed IndyKey loyalty program should you choose to upgrade.

Here’s how it works

You provide IndyKey with 2 complimentary Nights at your hotel for a 3 month trial. We use these nights for promoting your hotel & IndyKey.

We’ll direct traffic to your hotel website and send you booking requests from our members for zero commission.

When a competitor wants your exclusive spot, you get the opportunity to upgrade and keep exclusivity with a subscription.

Secure Exclusivity in your Region/Category/Class

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